"There's a rainbow after the rain"

So our End of Term Test is done, that's why me and my friends decided to have some fun in order for us to refresh our mind. Our school's schedule may not be the same as other schools, but I promise that even though it's like that, you'll still enjoy it. Anyways, let me get back to my topic. Since we decided to have some fun, we went to play some arcade games. Especifically at "Tom's World"! (Wiee, I missedbeing a kid, even though I act like one of them sometimes, tbh, almost everyday haha). For this reason I came up with this blithe with a little bit combination of vintage outfit.

For my top, I am wearing this yellow shirt with a "#PLAY" print on it, layered with those vintage varsity jacket that I saw from my father's closet. Hehe. And now for my bottom, I am wearing these pair of vintage Levi's 501 pants.

Photographer: Gel Onciano



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