Layer Those Tones: Christmas Style Guide

The season of giving is almost here! Why don't you celebrate Christmas with an outfit that would reflect or summarize the things that happened to you  this 2016. Minsan lang to uy! Usually, green and red are the colors that are being worn during Christmas, right? How about changing those old preferences to new  perspective this year? For a change maybe or for you to look differently this time. Why don't you try wearing clothes with earth tones?

Usually; warm beige, grey green, antiquarian brown, olive green, and warm grey are the usual earth tone colors. Those colors are usually the best especially when they are being layered to each other. But it doesn't mean that I can put them together because it still depends on the type of shirt, jacket, or even sandos.

With this outfit, I've tried for layering is a warm grey satin shirt.

Brown and Warm Grey are my favorite colors when in terms of Earth Tones. I like to combine them with such darker colors, since they will be great for contrasting the colors in your outfit. They can also be partnered with lighter colors just like, light blue or even white!

So in here, I've worn a warm grey satin shirt and washed denim jeans. Together with those grey Tubulars. It looks simple but you can make it better by pinrolling those jeans! Just like what I've did in the picture below.

You can also layer it with an oversized shirt. Just make sure that it would contrast for your outfit. You can also wear dark colored jacket which makes your outfit more cool. The next time that you choose your outfit, just remember that "wearing a jacket can make your outfit better" Haha. Just kidding, but I bet it could  transform your ordinary outfit into something cool and comfy.

That's all for now, I hope this blog  helped you in choosing your next outfit for this Christmas! Don't forget to visit and subscribe to my channel by the way.

TOP: Warm Grey Satin Shirt (Forever 21) || Oversized printed shirt (Penshoppe) || Black Jacket ( KROWD) 

BOTTOM: Washed Denim *for the first outfit* (Levis) || Skinny Jeans || Shoes (Vans) 

Bye for now!



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